Plastic Injection

Second time processing (highly professional team in Taichung)
Baking varnish : Taichung professional powder body baking varnish factory/liquid baking varnish factory, the ISO specialized quality uses the conveyor
        belt electrostatic type automatic painting, the high tech workshop facility, proposes altogether the specialized UV baking varnish, the
        leather baking varnish, the Emi static electricity baking varnish, the metal baking varnish, and so on services.

Baking varnish : Germany Ou Silang authenticates the qualified galvanization factory, uses the newest vacuum galvanization technology, the quality
        system conforms to the TS16949 standard demand.

Baking varnish : Has movement equipment reverted bronzing many year experiences, from will compare early the plane bronzing evolution to the
        short-term hyperboloid bronzing, might let the reverted commission have the changeable metal sense of reality.