Plastic Injection

1982 Ching-Sui co., ltd was found in 1982 and stressed on manufacture thread.
1987 To raise production's standard and quality, we bought Japan machine and manufacture high-quality thread back to Japan.
1993 To raise plastic's quality and reduce cost, we bought Victor's Plastic Injection machines. We also did the OEM for plastic productions.
1996 With a lot of new work and our factory was to small, we change to a new place (which is 21600 square feet).
1997 To manufacture "Icecourt", we bought two Victor's Plastic Injection machines (180-S.T).
2001 To manufacture furniture and exercise machine, We keep buying two Plastic Injection machines (600-T).
2003 Develop the latest exercise machine's device and fold chair and fold desk.
2006 Attend to exercise machine's device and any new popular plastic products.
2008 We apply "ISO9001" to increase quality and management for our company.
2009 Company passed through "ISO9001" and introduced computer management system. We also establish the mould department and manufacture precise mould in order to increase company's competition and decrease mould's cost.
2010 Approve Germany OSRAM Factory confirmation in August, officially becomes manufacture factory with qualified prove in Taiwan.
Approve American factory confirmation of USA general merchandise retail trade Sears the K-mart in October , with qualifications of manufacture the Seras general merchandise product.
2011 With a lot of new work and we expand 7,200 square feet.
2013 We build 100K clear room (which is 14,400 square feet ) for Medical & Lense customer.
2014 We bought two electric injection machines (which are FANUC ALPHA-S-150iA & FANUC S-2000i 250B).
Company passed through "ISO 22000 : 2005 Production of Plastic Food Contact Materials and Food Packing "
We expand the third floor (which is 9,400 square feet) including New Warehouse & Laboratory & 100K clearn assembly room
2015 We exhibit the 2015 NPE : The International Plastic Showcase at Orlando ,Flordia USA.